ZGA455FD-H18 Polystyrenic Macroporous, Weak Base Anion Resin, Free Base form, High Capacity, Sweetener Grade

“Hydrolite” ZGA455FD-H18 is a macroporous styrene series weak basic anion exchange resin that ZG developed for food industry. Compare to other weak basic anions, ZGA455FD-H18 has larger capacity and faster exchange speed, it is very suitable to adsorb organics and remove strong acid anion in water and non-water solutions. Under the same condition, the cost of water and regenerate agent will be less.

ZGA 455FD-H18 is with larger pore size and specific surface area, it could adsorb a lot of macromolecule organics, adsorbent rate could reach to 80-95%, and the elution rate is more than 95%, thus very suitable for desalination and decoloration of sugar starch.

ZGA455FD-H18 is with a few of strong basic group, in the process of operating, it will not adsorb small molecules, it is with great mechanical strength, high capacity and low swelling rate, thus very fit to the application of juices, drinks, potable water and food industry like starch sugar, beer, sorbitol, xylitol, amino acid and lactic acid etc., to improve the taste and transparent of its products.