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Ion exchange resins TM NIDROLIGHT – Innovative and modern product.

Our Manufacturer Ningbo Zhengguang Resin Co.,Ltd. is wholly-owned production Base of Zhejiang Zhengguang Industrial Co., Ltd. “Zhengguang” is one of the most influential Chinese ion exchange resin manufacture and application company. It was found in October 1969 and has more than 43 years experiences in Ion exchange resin research, development and manufacture history. Zhengguang is also the vice chairman of the China Ion Exchange Resin Committee and a member of WQA.

Ningbo Zhengguang Resin CO.,Ltd is located in NINGBO PETROCHEMICAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE. The Zone total planning area is ​​56.22 square kilometers and formally approved by the Chinese State Council as a national development zone in December 30th 2011. The NINGBO PETROCHEMICAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE has the country’s largest liquid chemical dock, the country’s largest petrochemical refining enterprises Zhenhai Refining and many chemical companies. These chemical companies provide a convenient approach to purchase raw material, and by the same time, the nearby BEILUN port also provides a convenient conditions for the raw material and products import and export.

Ningbo Zhengguang Resin Co.,Ltd starts groundbreaking ceremony in November, 2007, and starts test production in September, 2010. By the end of 2011, Ningbo Zhengguang Resin Co.,Ltd turned to normal production, and get the safe production license , pass the acceptance of environmental protection facilities inspection.


 “Zhengguang” is Specializing in the production of ion exchange resin, biochemical separation medium and Macroporous adsorbents. The Ion exchange resin have four main series of product, as Styrene Series, Acrylic acid Series, Phenol aldehyde Series and Ring-oxygen Series. The biochemical separation medium include ion exchange chromatography media, hydrophobic interaction chromatography media, affinity chromatography medium, gel chromatography media and activated intermediates, five types nearly hundred varieties. The Macroporous adsorbents include non-polar sorbent , moderately polar and polar sorbent, three types nearly dozens of varieties. The registered trading marks are “Zhengguang” and “Hydorlite”.

 “Zhengguang” enjoys a high reputation in the customers and the same industry by its excellent product quality , leading technology and sincere technical services. “Zhengguang” has a number of products are the Chinese domestic initiative, and obtained “Certificate of Nation New Key Product”, “Certificate of Technology Innovation Fund”, “National Torch Plan”, “China Electric Power Science and Technology Award”, “Utility model patents”, “Invention Patent” etc.    “Zhengguang” brand Ion exchange resin won the “Zhejiang Province Famous Product” designation many times and “Zhengguang” brand won the “Zhejiang Province Famous Brand ” designation. For these awards, Zhengguang won the “support of national key high-tech enterprise” designation, “Zhejiang Province High-tech Enterprise and  “Zhejiang Province Enterprise Technology Center.”.

“Zhengguang” brand and “ Hydrolite” brand ion exchange resins are now sold to all the provinces and regions in electric power, electronic, nuclear energy, chemicals, light industry, pharmaceuticals, food industry, beverage, metallurgy and environmental use in China, it also sold to America, Europe, Africa and South-East Asia countries. The “Zhengguang” brand resins play an important role with its excellent performance in the boiler feeding water and condensating treatment, water treatment of Nuclear power plant primary circuit and secondary circuit, industrial water , and electronic grade ultrapure water , food and medicine and biochemistr areas, have a large number of using performance in the whole world.

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